How to import the SSL CA certification to the jks store file?

Assumed that you have installed JDK and configured JAVA_HOME for your current operation system.
(1) Exported the Google SSL certifications from the server using 443 port as the below path:  take D:\GoogleSSL\ for example and named the these 3 CA certifications as below. Regarding on how to export server SSL certification, please refer to this page


(2) Open the CMD console and input the below commands in the command console and enter the same any protected password when the console hints that we should enter a password,
for example, Password123! , Additionally, we should enter “yes” when it hints that “Trust this certification?”
        keytool -import -v -alias GeoTrustGlobalCA -file D:\googleSSL\GeoTrustGlobalCA.cert -keystore D:\googleSSL\googleapi.jks
        keytool -import -v -alias GoogleInternetAuthorityG2 -file D:\googleSSL\GoogleInternetAuthorityG2.cert -keystore D:\googleSSL\googleapi.jks
        keytool -import -v -alias  EquifaxCA -file D:\googleSSL\EquifaxCA.cert  -keystore D:\googleSSL\googleapi.jks
(3) Used the keytool  -list  -keystore D:\googleSSL\googleapi.jks to check the above three SSL CA certification has been imported into the googleapi.jks

(4) From the above Step3, these 3 CA SSL certifications have been imported into the googleapi.jks successfully!

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